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Downtown West Bend Association

Who We Are

The Downtown West Bend Association is a non-profit organization that unites downtown businesses and acts as an advocate for them and the special area of West Bend they occupy.  The biggest way in which we do this is through the community events that we host Downtown.  Our focus is provide the community with fun and family friendly events that highlight our historic Downtown and all it has to offer.

What We Do

Downtown West Bend offers West Bend and Washington County residents, along with visitors, a real functioning downtown; featuring unique shops, dining and cultural experiences.  Downtown West Bend captures the best elements of a thriving "All American" town square in a safe, friendly and every-changing environment.  The Downtown West Bend experience is led by committed business leaders and successful entrepreneurs.


It is the heart of West Bend; the hub that connects retail and service businesses with cultural, entertainment, residential and healthy recreational opportunities.  It is vibrant and progressive--serving visitors and residents that live, work, shop and play here without leaving the district.  Days and well-lit evenings, downtown is alive with people strolling, shopping, sitting, eating, conversing--enjoying live on Main Street and along the river walkway.


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